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Long Y-DNA Surname Project

Updated June 9, 2020

Contact webmaster: Rosemary at mcnerneywinkler dot com

amily Tree DNA hosts a Long project. Most of the numerous participants are of English and German Palatine origin and a few are Irish Catholics. The project is greatly enhanced because there are now matching Irish Longs, and we actively work to make connections and eventually publish our Irish Long stories.* Look at the Long DNA project participants and find James Joseph Long, Number 48, then see the Y-DNA chart where Irish Longs make up Group Q. Contact Rosemary at mcnerneywinkler dot com with questions about Longs or Y-DNA for genealogy-friendly answers. Join this exciting project.

* ANNOUNCEMENT! Rosemary completed and published an Irish Catholic Long genealogy that includes a history-in-a-nutshell of Ireland and an explanation about how Y-DNA made it possible. It is available for a nominal fee to help cover printing and shipping costs. Contact Rosemary to learn more.